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BO Server Data Cleanup

Aug 23, 2017 at 04:55 AM


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While doing the weekly data clearing jobs..

  1. Do we need to stop all scheduled jobs?
  2. Do we need to stop Tomcat Service and Server Intelligence Agent? (using CCM)
  3. Once the data cleanup process completed, after how much time gap users can access BO?

I have experienced below mentioned issues:

  1. Once we try to stop, Server Intelligence Agent stops after a long time (more than 1 hour)
  2. BO reports / scheduled jobs etc not working for 48 hours or more.

Requesting your help. Thanks in advance.

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4 Answers

Megh Vora Aug 23, 2017 at 11:59 AM

Need some more details to answer your question.

BI Version used -
Standalone/Clustered -
OS(Windows/*nix flavor) -
Type of reports scheduled (Webi/Crystal) -

Also when you say 'Data Cleanup', what exactly you are trying to achieve here?

Yes when the Server Intelligence Agent(SIA) stops, it stops in the sequence : all servers->CMS-> and then stops itself. Are there any schedule job already running when you try to stop the SIA. Any stuck/stale(taking no CPU usage) process seen in the Task Manager(Windows) or top/topas in *nix

Please elaborate the issue so that we can answer in a better way



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Jawahar Konduru Aug 23, 2017 at 07:52 PM

You mean, you are running RDT to cleanup

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No, Maunally

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Former Member Aug 24, 2017 at 03:57 AM

Thanks. More details:

BI Version used - 4.1 SP3
Standalone/Clustered - Clustered
CMS DB - Microsoft Sql
OS(Windows/*nix flavor) - Windows
Type of reports scheduled (Webi/Crystal) - Webi only

Data Cleanup is done manually, to improve the performance. Data Cleanup is done as mentioned below:

  1. Delete the contents under the Local host folder in order to clear Tomcat Cache
  2. Delete contents under the Logging Folder to clear log files generated
If the cleanup is not done periodically BO becomes too slow. So we need to do the cleanup. I would like to know the exact steps to follow to do the data cleanup.
  1. Do I need to stop Tomcat Service before deleting the files (using CCM) ?
  2. Do I need to stop Server Intelligent Agent (using CCM)?

There can be scheduled jobs running while doing this, Do I need to stop all before starting the steps? Please reply.

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1. Why would you clear tomcat cache ?
2. You can set trace log settings for each service in CMC to none, this way you do not need to clear logging directory.

On a properly configured system you do not need to do any of this steps.
There is no Data Cleanup. Unless your BOE processes (webi) is crashing and leaving session and other stuff behind.
But then you need to fix that part first.

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Denis Konovalov

Thank You !


Thank you for the information provided.

Firstly to answer your questions:

1. Yes, you need to stop Tomcat service from CCM before you clean/delete the localhost folder to clear the cache of Tomcat

2. Yes, you need to stop Server Intelligence Agent(SIA) from CCM before you clear logging folder completely. Even if you do not stop the SIA, the logs in the logging folder can be deleted, however some may not as they may be in use by particular server.

3. Yes, you need to make sure that the scheduled jobs are completed and no jobs are remaining in running status. Then you can stop the SIA and go for deletion of the contents.

Having said the above, it is also important to identify what makes your environment slow periodically that you eventually end up cleaning the contents to improve the performance

Make sure there is sufficient disk space on the BI installation drive.

Below are couple of performance related KBAs that I would like to share.

P.S.: Not all below KBAs may be relevant to your environment. Reason being the cause of the decrease in performance may be different for different environments depending upon the way it is used. You first need to identify what is causing the performance to degrade and then can proceed for below KBAs.

However if you wish to continue the manual way, please do so as suggested above.

1867416 - *** Master KBA *** - Troubleshooting performance issues in SAP BO Business Intelligence Platform 4.x

2161908 - BI 4.x: Overall navigation in BI Launchpad and the performance of opening WebI reports is very slow

1609661 - Periodical performance issue on BusinessObjects (BO) Server

1879431 - How to clear the Tomcat cache?

Hope the above explanation helps



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Megh Vora

Thanks a lot


Tomcat cache -- you mean the work folder? There is a rarely a need to clear it in normal circumstances. If you do, it will just cause a very long startup time then next time Tomcat is started.

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Thank You very much.

Dwarakanath Ramakrishnareddy Aug 25, 2017 at 09:24 AM

Hi Baiju,

As per the best practises, Stop the Tomcat before clearing localhost files to remove completely as there is no usage of localhost files by any user. Similarly if you are clearing the BO logs files then stop the SIA.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I would like to know, Once Tomcat and SIA are restarted, how much time it will take to run the reports as usual?


Hi Baiju,

First start the SIA, it will start all the BO Services (CMS+other services). It might take 5 to 10 mins as all the services to come into running state.

Once you started the Tomcat service it will load all the webapps(BOE,Admintools,....) into work directory. Once the BOE application loaded you can run the reports. BOE webapp will be around 1.5GB so it will take sometime around 10 to 15mins mins based on the Tomcat (java size, standalone tomcat installation/tomcat+CMS installation).