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Former Member
Sep 05, 2007 at 10:47 PM

Period '08' skipped in Depr.Run posting,but remaining periods are posted.


Hi Folks,

Depreciation Values recalculated after changes made to methods and D.Key.

Depreciation run was carried in Aug month where in May, June and July depreciation is also posted simultaneously.

If you go to the asset explorer (AW01) for 2 assets, you will notice August is skipped. Log under test run shows as if values are posted under period 08 for these assets. But, values not stored in database table ANLP.

When I look at posted values of an Asset in Explorer, neither it is showing period 08(AUGUST) values, nor period (08) itself. Why this period 08 is completely disappeared/skipped?

When I look D.Key it is calculating for 9 months (Excluded August month) instead of 10 months.How to make values posted and how to bring back the period 08 (AUG).

Thanks in advance.