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Impact of MAP for SFG/FG outside manufacturing plant

Dear experts

I have a query about price control. Please provide your feedback. I have

already studied existing links.

My client currently has price control "S" for manufactured FG in all plant codes ( factory and warehouse ). There are two factories - Plant X produces unprinted bottle and Plant Y decorates it.

Unprinted bottle is sent by STO from X to Y and then decoration is done. Material code for unprinted and decorated bottle are different.

Currently When unprinted bottle goes from plant X to Y, price control remains "S" in both plants. But in to-be we are considering to have MAP for unprinted bottle in plant Y as it is an input for producing decorated bottle in this plant.

1.) I have read in multiple forums that SFG should be at S. But if we keep unprinted bottle at MAP in plant Y, What problems it can cause ? Unprinted bottle will never be manufactured in plant Y.

2.) Also we are planning to have MAP for all manufactured FG in Depot/Warehouse. What is standard / best practice for price control of FG outside manufacturing location ?

Please share your thoughts.



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2 Answers

  • Sep 26, 2017 at 06:34 PM

    why you want to use V price indicator? is it for actual cost calculation? please note that if you are maintaining moving average price V then that means system will automatically calculate the price on every goods receipt or invoice entry. that doesn't mean that you will be able to calculate actual cost by the system .If you are producing unprinted bottles in house with price control indicator V then on every release of cost estimate and on production order settlement, system will change the price of that material which will subsequently increases more then its selling price.

    while on the other hand with price S you are able to valuate your product at a standard price for a particular period.

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  • Sep 25, 2017 at 05:33 AM

    Hi Kapil

    Please refer SAP Note-81682



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