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Please tell us a sample about Draft OData.

Dear Experts,

About handling draft. For example, you can build the Draft function using OData below with SAPUI5 (on SAP CP) Back end, When building Fiori application of SAPUI5 that can be used on both on-premises and PublicCloud, Information that is described as a concrete example of the rudimentary usage method and mounting method. Does anybody know where I can find the blog or help about it?

Example: OData


I'd appreciate it if you gave me a hand.

Thank you.

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2 Answers

  • Mar 03, 2018 at 11:45 AM


    I don't think I fully understand your question. You didn't specify what is your normal landscape (including the backend). Why can't you use your own mockup data (If you have the SAP Gateway Service Builder(SEGW), you might be asking about this)? Are running HANA? If so, is this what you are asking about?

    In order to help you, can you narrow it down to where and what you need? On what landscape? What have you tried thus far? Where are you stuck?

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    • Dear Iftah and Ankit,

      Thanks for the comment.

      My problem is that the same API (OData) was believed to be provided in the S/4hana on-premise and public cloud.I asked a question because I wanted to have a concrete implementation sample code for the draft process when I used the same API on-premises and public clouds.

      But now that we know that there is no draft functionality available in the public Cloud (1802) API (Whitelist: SAP API Business Hub), I understand that this question does not make sense.

      I will complete this question myself.

      Thank you both for your kindness.

  • Mar 05, 2018 at 07:55 AM

    Draft is that state of business object when its data is not persisted in the actual tables but is stored in some temporary tables which can be quickly retireved to continue working (from the place left) in case the work is left in middle due to some reason. From backend perspective, for such requirements you can create Temporay tables (Class L) in DB and handle the data creation, data movement to actual tables and data cleanup afterwards via custom code.

    Same functionality is offered by Fiori launchpad as well.

    Same like Iftah I am also not much clear about your requirement.

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