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Sep 05, 2007 at 04:03 PM

hai friend


the below mention questions are asked in my first interveiew.


1. which transaction you are used to upload material master data?

2.which method is used for upload that material master data?

3.where you are getting the legacy file to upload? (from appl.seerver or presentation sever).

4.are you using any seleection-screen here?.

5.suppose we have 10,000 recs to upload data's to sap system using session method ,here you are getting some error during uploading file,how can we find out,exactly?

6.which function module used here to upload ?(ans .upload) do you save data in BDC tables?

in data dictionary :

1. what is the purpose using domain?why it is using?

2.what is the purpose of data elements?why?

3.what is the purpose we r using technical settings?

Other qns.

1. what r the events in ABAP/4 language?

2. what is the differnce between classical reports & interactive reports?

3. what r the event key word in interactive reporting?

4. what is secondary list?


1.tell me the transaction for sapscript ?

2.tell me the procedure for sapscript? is it possible to copy MEDRUCK program to your requirement ?

in ALV

1.which function used for ALV in your requirement?