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Sep 05, 2007 at 03:39 PM

BSI no taxes withheld


ECC 6.0


BSI 7.0m

We have two development servers pointing to a sql 2000 database using the same SAP client. BSI Server component and BSI client component installed on SAP central instance, database on remote server. Everything works on one of the development servers.

On the second development server, sm59 works great, RPUBTCUO works great, but on a payroll run, no taxes are taken out. The output message file shows the SAP test user SAMCHEN instead of a real payroll user.

I've read note SAP note 781272 including section 8. I think mapping has been done correctly. BSI support says mapping isn't the problem if the user is not a real payroll user: Its a SAP configuration issue.

One issue might be the source of the problem

I had an instance of 7.0i on this develpment server that pointed to a database on a different server. That worked fine. I dropped the old ODBC connection when I installed 7.0m and installed a new one pointing to a database on correct server. I deleted and recreated the TF70 file in the C:\windows directory.

Are there any other SAP or bsi components that may be bringing up the SAMCHEN test user instead of a real SAP user?