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"Information design tool publish connection to a Repository " occurs a problem

Aug 24, 2017 at 04:41 PM


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I want to connect to the Repository, and "System" input "IP:HOST", and "User name " XXX,"password" XXX.They are absolutely right.But it occurs a problem. Error message is FWM 01009 and FWM 20030.It seems that it can not connect to my BO server. My "Information Design Tool" client's network segment is defferent from the BO server.But my client machine can telnet the BO server 6400,though the BO server can not telnet my client machine 6400.Is this the key of this problem? Port 6400 should both open between client and server?

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1 Answer

Denis Konovalov
Aug 24, 2017 at 06:56 PM

Most likely you have a firewall between your client machine and the BOE server.
Port 6400 is not enough to be open.

Please review firewall section of the BOE admin guide on the steps you need to take to address this.

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Former Member

Actually , I have been stucked here for weeks. My operation system is Windows server 2008 , and I also installed the client in my BOE server and it works well . This happens when I try connect to the repository from other machine. I read the official document but it doesn't help. My port 6400 have been opened and my firewall have been shut down , and the listerner is working and I can telnet and ping to BOE server ,but it changes nothing. I know this may be the network or port question , and I think I have done with it . I don't know what I can try now.


Lets clarify the picture. If I understand correctly, we have following situation :
Machine A (your machine) can connect IDT to BOE server and works
Machine B (your BOE server) IDT works there fine
Machine C (third machine) IDT doesn't connect to BOE there.

This is definitely network and/or firewall issue. Port 6400 is not enough for IDT to connect to BOE.
It needs Request ports setup on CMS, FRS servers and on APS. So the firewall has to have at least 5 ports open (6400 and request port for CMS, and request ports you set for input, output frs, aps)
Also, this machine has to be able to resolve BOE server name and ip with no issues.

If you still have issues after request ports been setup and open on firewall - create support incident with SAP, under BI-BIP-ADM component.