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Angular on SCP with WebIDE

Aug 23, 2017 at 02:49 PM


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Dear Experts,

Our customer wants to use Angular JS for their applications on SAP Cloud Platform. They are using gulp to build the projects. I could successfully deploy one of their projects in SCP following these steps:

1. Angular JS development locally (Sublime for example). For webservice endpoints using SAP Cloud Platform Destinations.

2. Creating a WebIDE UI5 project. Configuring a neo-app.json as if it's a normal UI5 application.

3. Running gulp build for the local Angular project

4. Copying gulp build results under WebIDE webapp folder

5. Deploying WebIDE project

With these steps I could deploy the project successfully and even call webservices using SCP destinations and the User API. As you can see in the steps it is a bit time consuming for the developers to run the gulp build locally and copy the results every time in WebIDE. So I am asking myself how to optimize this process.

- Can I deploy an HTML5 application without using WebIDE?

- Can I run gulp on WebIDE somehow?

Happy to hear your opinions and suggestions.

PS: I have tried to run the whole thing in Eclipse and deploy as a Java Application. But calling UserAPI and using destinations were not possible.



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2 Answers

Sergio Guerrero Aug 23, 2017 at 03:46 PM

you can use HANA studio / eclipse with the right plug ins to connect to your SCP (or trial) account

I am not sure if gulp runs on the webide, I have use it on my desktop and then go from there. I explained something similar here

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Hi Sergio Thanks for your answer. With Eclipse I can only deploy Java applications as far as I see. HTML5 applications can be deployed only with WebIDE. But when I deploy the whole thing as Java application (as mentioned in my post) destinations and API calls are not working. I have used Spring Boot as a container while trying to deploy it as a java application.


here are the plug ins for eclipse

Sharath M G Aug 31, 2017 at 02:06 PM

Hi Koray,

Check the new version of Web IDE - Multi-cloud version of Web IDE. It supports Gruntt build and many more options.

Regarding Angular JS, there is a tutorial already by SAP on building it. If you have not looked at it earlier, the link is pasted below:

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