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Aug 23, 2017 at 01:16 PM

sap.Push.checkForNotification returns empty string to callback



I am trying to set up a hybrid application using the WebIDE and HAT, which supports push notifications. I integrated the required kapsel plugins, configured the hcpms and implemented all necessary handlers in the UI5-App.

Basically, everything is working fine, except for the handling of missed notifications. So I receive the notifications, when the app is opened and active in the Android emulator, I receive the notifications in the Android notification area when the app is closed and I even receive notifications send while the device was offline.

But one thing is not working: When I call the sap.Push.checkForNotification-function to check if there were any push notifications when the app wasn't aktive, the resulting callback parameter contains only an empty string (though I can see the notifications in the Android top bar).



alert(sNotification); // sNotification is always ""


I am using: HAT 1.28.4, SMP SDK 3.15.4, Kapsel 3.15.0 (kapsel --version) and kapsel-plugin-push 3.15.5 (plugin.xml), Android API 19 (4.4.2) - API 23 (6.0.0) and a Firebase Account.

Maybe someone had the same problem and can tell me, what I can do to receive the notification payload when resuming the app or tapping the Android notification icon and thereby starting the app.

Thanks in advance