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Sep 04, 2007 at 01:32 PM

Registered Server Program not being registered?



first of all, I'm an ABAPer, not a Basis guy, so i apologize if i'm not giving all the info required to solve this issue.

We have a program that's scheduled to run every morning at 4am. This program calls an RFC to XI and sends data to an external SQL database.

it seems that EVERY Sunday, after full backups, the initial run of this program fails. If it fails, the job is run up to 3 more times. Almost 100% of the time, one of the successive runs works.

And when I say a successive run works, I mean a duplicate job that's been kicked off, literally less than 1 minute later, will run fine.

Also, the job will sporadically fail during the week on its first run, yet successive runs will work.

it seems to me that there is a problem registering the program that my ABAP program calls.

any ideas on what I ask my basis/XI team to check for?

points will be awarded.