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Reusing NW BPM

Aug 22, 2017 at 09:59 PM


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We are in the process of exploring the upgrading to PO 7.5 (single stack) from dual stack. We have many ccBPM's. Typically we leverage one integration process in multiple configuration scenarios.

Is such a thing possible in NW BPM. We have a BPM process which will be same for all our partners . Do we need to create 1 BPM process or 'n' BPM process? And if we do 1, how do we tie it to the iFlows?

What are our options in such a scenario to simplify the migration? Is it possible to route automated activity (send step from BPM) to multiple partners? This was possible in ccBPM, but I am not sure how I can route this message to different partners? Is receiver determination the only option?

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How do we handle the Send step in the BPM? As per the William's Blog (step 49), the sender component for the Send step is set here.

If I set the sender component to the BPM component in iflow for partner 1, how do I handle the partner 2? Do I have to do receiver determination? Also , Is any of the message attributes (sender party) available in the BPM for me to leverage?

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2 Answers

Sanjeev Shekhar Singh Aug 23, 2017 at 01:12 AM

BPM's have an service interface associated with the start event. Just use the same service interface as receiver interface in your iFlow and you can reuse the process.

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Thanks, that takes care of receiving the interface into the BPM! How about sending messages from BPM. We need to send a message to two different partners from BPM. How do we specify or assign the component in the BPM? What should go in here..

Let's assume that I put in a TEST_BPM here..

If my first iflow has a message going from TEST_BPM to partner 'A'

How can my second iflow also a message going from TEST_BPM to partner 'B'

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I am assuming you need to send the same payload to 2 partners. If so, just have a single ICo/iFlow that will have TEST_BPM as the sender and let's call the sending interface as TEST_SI and there will be 2 receivers to it in ICo/iFlow.

If you need to send different type of payload to the 2 partners, use different Service interfaces (TEST_SI_1 and TEST_SI_2) and then you will have 2 different ICo/iFlow:



I wish the answer was different.. Essentially in ccBPM, we had quiet a few scenarios, where we were able to send Orders to different customers . These were interfaces with acknowledgements and we could set up one ccBPM .

If we had to create multiple interfaces, essentially we are talking about creating multiple BPMs.

I guess the receiver determination is the only possibility for re-use of BPM, where in we are routing to different receivers based on the input payload.

Raghuraman S Aug 31, 2017 at 02:15 PM

You can branch the NWBPM process to multiple partners with single start process.

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