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WEBIDE for HANA doesn't work on HANA Express (installed by binary)

Oct 11, 2016 at 11:11 AM


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Hi expert,

I installed hana express xsa and follow the xsa tutorial to create the tinyworld demo app. When I build the HDB module, the too popup an error:

10:30:52 AM (Builder) Build of /tinyworld/tinydd started.
10:30:53 AM (Builder) Builder 'hdi-builder' is not available for workspace workspace0ihix42vyuid20wg.
10:30:53 AM (Builder) Build of /tinyworld/tinydd failed.

I run 'xs apps', there is no di-builder service there.

name                     requested state   instances   memory            disk              urls
deploy-service           STARTED           1/1         280 MB            <unlimited>
component-registry-db    STOPPED           0/1         16.0 MB           <not specified>   <none>
product-installer        STARTED           1/1         256 MB            <not specified>
di-core-db               STOPPED           0/1         256 MB            <not specified>   <none>
di-local-npm-registry    STARTED           1/1         1.00 GB           <not specified>
di-core                  STARTED           1/1         512 MB            <not specified>
devx-ui5                 STARTED           0/1         56.0 MB           <not specified>
di-cert-admin-ui         STARTED           1/1         16.0 MB           <not specified>
xsa-admin-backend        STARTED           1/1         <not specified>   <not specified>
xsa-admin                STARTED           1/1         <not specified>   <not specified>
jobscheduler-db          STOPPED           0/1         256 MB            <not specified>   <none>
jobscheduler-rest        STARTED           1/1         <not specified>   <not specified>
jobscheduler-service     STARTED           1/1         <not specified>   <not specified>
jobscheduler-backend     STARTED           1/1         <not specified>   <not specified>
jobscheduler-dashboard   STARTED           0/1         <not specified>   <not specified>
jobscheduler-broker      STARTED           1/1         <not specified>   <not specified>
hrtt-service             STARTED           1/1         512 MB            <not specified>
hrtt-core                STARTED           0/1         512 MB            <not specified>
hrtt-db                  STOPPED           0/1         256 MB            <not specified>   <none>
webide                   STARTED           0/1         1.00 GB           <not specified>

I checked the webide for hana document, there is a webide admin screen to enable space, but there is no this service (di-space-enablement-ui) in my case. Any idea, about that? thanks

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2 Answers

Mike Paola
Nov 07, 2016 at 04:26 PM

Hello Nan - it's important that you also run the post_installation script (extracted from hxescripts.tgz) - otherwise, you can run into issues where the proper users/roles/spaces aren't created.

Regards, Mike

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Former Member Dec 05, 2016 at 09:42 AM

Hi, the same behaviour we do have with the preconfigured VM version of HXE - any idea how to bring up di-space-enablement-ui ?

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