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Aug 22, 2017 at 04:37 PM

Gateway BOPF Integration with customer enhanced objects


Hi everybody, I am currently working on a little PoC for a customer trying to make use of the Gateway BOPF Integration. Following this very useful blog ( I am able to create a Gateway Service for a plain simple BOPF Object. In my case running an existing query on the /BOFU/BUSINESSPARTNER. My issue starts when setting up a GW service for a more complex BO. In our customer case the relevant BOs are enhanced with custom fields and custom nodes. All custom fields start with “/CUSTOMERNAMESPACE/FIELDNAME”. To give some more details: I have created a project in SEGW, using the GBI for the BO /SCMTSM/FO_SCHEDULE, QUERY_BY_ELEMENTS. To overcome the errors in SEGW I have changed the Entity Types Properties Names from “/CUSTOMERNAMESPACE/FIELDNAME” to “CUSTOMERNAMESPACE_FIELDNAME”. However, getting the ROOTCollection does not work a) due to a Dump and b) when avoiding the Dump in debugger I will get the “EDM name validation failed for value” error. Is there a way to use GBI for custom enhanced objects as well? Any hint is more than appreciated.

Thanks in advance