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Are Design studio Bookmark user dependent ? What about aliasses? How to make bookmarks available ??


considering this old post : User dependent bookmarks .

We've created applications (using the analysis + composition templates) to make fragement bookmarks which later can be used to create small dashboards. These dashboards will be permanently shown in a TV screen and rotated using a Zebrix NUC.

To be able to bypass the dashboard See post, a enterprise user is required on the system.

We've created this enterprise user and gave it an existing alias (SAP user,Users/roles are coming from BW).

What I've noticed now is that when you add an existing user A to the enterprise user E-user, the user A disappears from the user list in the CMC and only the E-user remains to be found. Is this normal behavior?

I've also noticed that fragments and dashboards created by user B (which in authentication is a copy of user A) Cannot see created dashboard (in the composition application) or created fragments (in the analysis application)

Is it possible to let users see each others created fragments / Dashboards ?? Will it be possible to give these users (A + B) an enterprise user( E-user) that allows to bypass the login screen?

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