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Sep 04, 2007 at 07:13 AM

Activation of the activity fails u0096 no source files in the active workspace


Dear All,

I’m working on a NWDI installation since last month. The NWDI server (NW2004s) has been installed and configured with the following parameters:

Some Details:

- Java Stack on SPS 12

- No complete Developer Workplace, we only use the Studio (SPS 12)

- OS: WIN 2003

- DB: Oracle 10g

- SDK: 2 SDK, Standard Edition x64 1.4.2_15

Installation Usages Types: DI, AS Java, EP Core, EP (EP for the Visual Composer)

Performed configuration steps:

- adaptation of VM parameter in the Visual Admin

- patched the NWDI Server and the Studio from SPS 9 to support package stack 12 + available single patches

- run the template installer => NWA with type “DI Allinone – run all post installation Steps for DI, CBS, CMS, DTR”

- Oracle Parameters changed, User and Authorizations created and assigned (UME, J2EE Security roles, DTR => ACL List), SLD (Creation of a new Landscape), Configuration of the CBS with the VA

- Configuration of the Studio (SAP J2EE Engine (fill in the NWDI engine), Proxy Settings, Development Configuration Pool)

Development Steps for an example:

- Creation of a new software product (SLD)

- Namespace reservation on SLD => Application Context Root, Development Component Name

- Created a Domain and a Track on CMS

- Attached all Software components to the track (my own dc, SAP-JEE, SAP_Buildt, SAP_JTechs)

- Check-In the Software Components on Transport studio => CMS

- Moved the development configuration into Studio

- Created a ear- and a web-project => Display a JSP File (It’s the same example like in the SAP Course TADM10)

- Check-in the activity under “Open activities” => Activate

My problem appears during the check-in phase in the studio. I was able to check-In the source files in to the inactive Workspace on the DTR, but the activation of the activity fails. (I thought that the build process runs automatically after the activation - also the movement from the source files from the inactive to the active workspace?).

I received no error message, but I can’t find any source files in active workspace. The activity seems to be pending. I locate the request in the CBS, the request state is “failed” regarding the request type “activate”.

At the moment there is no separate runtime system assigned to the NWDI System.


1. Have I forgotten an important configuration step?

2. Can I use the NWDI Server also as a runtime environment (DEV System)?

Please let me know if somebody has an idea.