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Aug 25, 2017 at 10:21 AM

During Production material gets stored again and again


Dear Experts,

(Process Manufacturing)
Currently my client creates a single Work order(process order) in their legacy ERP. Inside that work order material goes form operation 1 -> to Store 1 -> operation 2 -> store 2 -> operation 3 -> to store 3 and so on till operation 6 from where it gets delivered to Main store. My understanding is that when ever a storage location gets involved during production, process order will break, thus there will be 6 separate process orders. 2nd reason for my 6 process order proposal is that there is no fixed time for how long that material will stay in that particular store before moving to the next operation, thus creating huge variances in std time vs actual time for that operation. Also out of these 6 stores they do GR/GI in 3 of them.
Kindly guide me if my proposal is correct or is there a better solution for this.