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Implementation experience

Hi Guys,

I have experience in enchancements and development projects but never got the opportunity to work in end to end implementation project.I am having an interview comming up for which they need consultants who have implementation experience,so i need your help in giving some pratical examples of the difficulties or challenges faced when implementing a could be from the business users or difficult process which was implemented or working in tight could be anything which you experience guys could have come across.

Could you please help me in giving some such examples which sounds convincing in the interview which would help me land in an implementation project which i always wished.

Thank you,


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2 Answers

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    Sep 04, 2007 at 04:15 AM

    Hi vivek, There are couple of things u must remember if u have r saying that u have done implementation recently(this financial yr) remember to mention new secondry education cess which is levied and for which one has to download and fix several patches. they are listed below.

    1033968 SECess not calculated : manual excise / exceptional rate

    1033731 Budget 2007-08 changes for Imports

    1033668 Budget 2007-08 changes for J1IS and J1IV

    1034008 Budget 2007- Exports Scenario Changes

    1034308 Budget 2007-08 (SECess) changes for J1I5(For RG1)

    1032265 Budget 2007-Legal implications

    1032928 Corrections to Note 1032813 for Budget 2007

    1034122 Sec Edu cess recalculation in J1IEX

    1034365 Sec Edu cess recalculation in J1IEX -updated to note-103412

    1033600 Budget 2007 changes for manual excise with SECess

    1034464 Corrections for incorporating SECess in J1IH - Budget 2007

    1033755 Incorrect calculation of SECess(ony for 46C customers) in P

    1033599 Changes to J1IIN for Budget 2007 for 46C release

    1032813 Advanced corrections for Budget 2007 for SD

    1033531 Corrections for J1IIN for SECess levied in Budget 2007

    1033650 Budget 2007-08 (SECess) changes for J1IEX /MIGO

    1033173 Budget 2007 changes for Depot process

    1032603 Screen changes for Secondary&Higher Education Cess-Budget 0

    1032554 Secondary and Higher Education Cess on Income Tax

    1040067 Budget 2007-08 changes for Monthly utilization(J2IUN)

    Also remeber to mention about cutover strategy you guy followed.

    you may to talk about transport request and authorisation management may jus tell them the T-code and steps involved will sju suffice their need.

    I hope it helps. pls reward if useful.


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    Sep 04, 2007 at 04:20 AM


    the first thing u have to remember in any end - to - end implementation project is the kind of role u have played..

    say for instance 1) collecting the requirements from the client

    2) configuring the sap system

    3) maintenance or support

    1a) this is the area where-in u have to put a lot of effort and thinking in understanding and analyzing the requirements..

    1b) the challenges u face are right from the word go, ie the moment u start reading the requirements of the client.. its a job where-in u need to apply ur maximum thinking which includes the ability to understand what the client wants, and what the existing system of the client is offering , and based on the real time competetive business senerios what the new system is ready to offer

    1c) u really need to have a very gud ability to interview business people.. its not an easy job to interview the business people.. as because the people u deal with are of various management levels in the business and each every of the people are of same nature and attitude.. u have to undersatnd the way the person understands u and reacts to ur questions.. say in other words u literally need to read the persons mind with whom u r dealing with..

    1d) with just interviewing the people u r job is not done u also need to have a gud ability to put the same on the paper.. thats the part where most of the people make mistakes .. either they interview the business people or they write the requirements on the paper.. where-in both the things need to go side by side.. as long as ur mouth is working the hand should write the important points.. as because when preparing the specifications it would be easy for u to preapre an document with minimum errors..

    1e) the other challenge u face during the collection of requirements is studying their existing system.. in this process u really need to work from the scratch, ie u have to visit the clients various business areas, and also some of the customers of the client in order to understand the business senerios.. in this course u r tend to relax at some instancess which should never be practiced as long as ur on the job.. the thing here is u really need to put a lot of effort and concentration from the time u start the requirement procedure..

    1f) the other challenge u face whn gap analysis is eprformed.. at this point of time it is very important for u to preapre the document as accruatly as possible based on the clients facts.. here the best way to come accross this stage is to document each and evry commmunication with client.. as beacuse later on there cannot be any barriers..

    1g) u also need to have a gud communication to perform the above said tasks.. gud communication dosent mean that u need to speak extraordinary english.. as mosty of the people think so.. gud communication is nothing but conveying the people what exactly u want from them and what exactly u want to explain them ie in a clear and understandble way.. the kind of attitude u show whn u speak is very important..

    2a) while configuring the sap system the first important challenge u face is to cope up with other members of the team, ofcourse of ur module and other modules too..

    2b) there has to be a proper way in communicating with the other module team members.. at times if there is a communication gap between the team members there are chances of mistakes to take place.. which again leads to a very state of mind to all.. so it is very important to work as a team and communication at all time with other team members is very important.. and also by this way of being in touch with other memebrs of the team and that too members of other modules u can also improve ur skills and learn new things and new ways of solving business senerios..

    2c) understanding of the business specifications is also very important.. the challenge to face here is u will be fighting with ur own self.. ie, u read a business requirement and u have a new taught which u feel like will be gud to implement rather than proceeding with the doc provided.. at this point of time it is very difficult to keep our cool in understanding the situation.. the first thing here u need to remember is Business Specifications are preapred by the experts where the chances of errors are very less.. it is always a gud practice to read and understand the specification not just once but many times and if u still feel that there's a better way to resolve the requirement by ur sugestion or by someone else... u can explain the same to ur PL or PM but befor having a discussion with them it is always gud to think the practicality of the business senerio as per ur suggestion.. and discuss the same with ur team and other key people.. and if the they feel that ur suggestion is valuable and there needs to be change its well and gud for u and the team.. so it is always gud to go thru the requirement at minor level in unbderstanding..

    3d) in support or maintenence there are not much challenging situations only thing is when u suggest for a query it is always gud to be right on the target and learning new practices is always adviceable..

    Reward if USeful

    Thanx & Regards.


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