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Do we have any correction program for GR/IR Value imbalances

Aug 24, 2017 at 08:11 PM


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We have a many production issues where we could see that there are GR Values and IR Values not matching when some reversals happens with respect to GR

Here the GR is an Auto GR and is based on the IR posted. At times when an IR is reversed and even when there are no changes to PO, GR reversals are happening with a different value compared to GR posted and we are not able to identify on why that is happening. As an impact of that we end up in a different GR value and different IR value for the same Quantity.

Kindly request you to let us know how to solve such imbalances and how the value gets posted differently during GR reversal.

Also request your help in knowing on any correction program that is available to correct the GR value to IR value so that there will be a three way match.

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Hello ,

you need to find the reason of the dsifferences , as its not good to have differences in all the POs. this is a process issue followed by your business.

As mentioned by others , you can use the MR11 for the clearance but in this you will have to keep eye on all the acocuntings as it may impact the MAP.

check the KBA1827734 provided to understand the logic for cancellation. Also check the KBA 1827732



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2 Answers

Jürgen L
Aug 24, 2017 at 08:26 PM

what does MR11 do?

how many partial receipt and invoices do you have for that PO?

Or how often was the receipt posted and cancelled again?

How much time was between initial receipt and the cancellation? And what happened in that time to your stock situation of that product?

Had you already read KBA 1827734 - Valuation of Goods Receipt Reversals and Cancellations and its referenced OSS notes and wikis?

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Former Member

Hi Jurgen,

Thanks a lot for your response. Yes, MR11 will do the adjustments but the problem is on how the GR value is getting differently posted when there is no change in PO price and am not sure why the value was so different when the reversal happens.

Out of 53 Qty in PO 20 Qty was invoiced and 20 Qty was GR'ed. PO price 250 MXN/1EA and PO value was 13,250.00 MXN.

Invoice was done for 20 Qty with 5000 MXN and GR value based on postings and reversals it went down to 4654.14 MXN

It was around 2-3 times in last three months the posting was done and cancelled. Yes i did refer to the most of the Articles but i was unable to find this sort of a case and hence thought of getting to know from experts.


HAve you read the KBA?

Mohsin Abbasi Aug 26, 2017 at 07:33 AM

Dear Concern,

Your requirement will be fulfill only via MR11 I.e. your pending GRIR clearing account will be cleared and by doing this it will aslo effect your material stock account and please note the KBA as suggested by Mr. Jurgen.

Best Regards

Mohsin Abbasi

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