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Aug 24, 2017 at 06:42 PM

SAP FIORI Perfromance issue


Hi All,

Users are complaining that it is taking couple of minutes to load the tiles in the Launchpad ( around 2 minutes). And this seems to be not very inconsistent, for us(IT team) is taking around 30 seconds on desktop within KS network and around 45 seconds on mobile while on cellular network. This is the time currently taken after upgrading our HANA system to SP12, upgrade did not help much.

We are on FIORI 1.0 SAPUI5 1.38.1, we cannot upgrade it to higher version due our running projects which are scheduled to go live in September.

Each user is having access to nearly 15 tiles

Testing –

HANA upgradation – minor improvements

Performance Stress test(20 devices) – We observed that HANA is consuming more than 90% CPU and not the memory. If only one user is logged in then the CPU consumption is normal.

Tested with different browsers, under different network conditions – mobile access has higher performance issues on cellular network than connected on wi-fi .

Tested with FIORI client app – did not make any difference

Tested with standard SAP theme – did not make any difference

Kindly give some suggestions to fix this.