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SENDSTAT value not getting populated after downloading inspection lots by subsystem

Aug 24, 2017 at 06:29 AM


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I'm downloading the inspection lots to LIMS using QIRF_SEND_INSP_REQUIRMENTS function call. The lots get downloaded into LIMS but the locking of the records in QIWL table which i believe is the status change that happens in SENDSTAT field doesn't happen. Is this something that happens automatically once record is pulled using the function call or any configuration needs to be done in SAP? I have searched couple of SAP forums for this issue but couldn't find any answer.

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1 Answer

Craig S
Aug 24, 2017 at 05:50 PM

If you are not using the standard SAP FM's for this, the update might not happen.

I believe that after the data is sent down, you need to confirm that they were received.

Look at

Most major LIMS supplier already provide an interface.

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I used QIRF_SEND_INSP_DATA_FOR_WL2 with input I_IND_SET_BLOCK_INDICATORS. but the records are not getting locked or the SENDSTAT field in QIWL table not getting updated with 'A' which conforms lots are downloaded.


What about this?

"Posting as well as locking of data is carried out after the function module QIRF_SEND_COMMIT_TO_QM is called up."

Did you evaluate that?


Hi Craig,

I have used QIRF_SEND_COMMIT_TO_QM , but no luck. Still the SENDSTAT remains blank in QIWL table.

Also i tried with QIRF_SEND_INSP_REQUIRMENTS which is used for downloading the lots from QIWL table and i used the parameter SATZART = Q40. This also downloads the records to my LIMS system but SENDSTAT remians blank.

Is there any settings/configuration that need to be done from SAP end to make the SENDSTAT status updated?


No. There would be nothing in configuration that I am aware of.

You might want to post your issue on this to the ABAP forum. Maybe use the topic "Using FM's to update QIWL table"

See if somewhere there can help you. You'll need someone that has utilized these FM's in a program.

I'm not a programmer so beyond suggesting the FM's to look at, I can't help you much.



Thanks Craig. I will post in the query in ABAP forum.