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Oct 11, 2016 at 11:46 PM

CSFG Cross System Interco Sales Orders in APO



We are using the Cross System Interco process with 2 ECC systems connected to 1 APO system: we create a Stock Transfer Order in APO which is transferred to ECC1 system to create Purchase Order which then triggers and ALE message to ECC2 system to create the Sales Order. This Sales Order comes to APO which triggers key completion (removal of demand node on original Stock Transfer Order).

We have indentified the following issues when the same product can be sold to external customer and intercompany from the same source location. The product has forecast on source location but this is only for external customer demand, as intercompany demand is managed as network distribution demand.

1) When using Strategy 10, the Sales Order is not planning relevant in APO SNP or PPDS. This means at key completion the demand on the source location disappears in APO. We have looked CIF user exit to set the Sales Order to planning relevant which is ok for PPDS but not SNP. In SNP we are limited by the fact that DEMAND_CALC macro ignores sales order demand when strategy is 10.

2) When using Strategy 20, the Sales Order is planning relevant in APO SNP or PPDS but consumes the forecast.

I was wondering if anyone has come across similar issues?

We are currently looking at the possibility of using CIF user exit to change the APO order categories for Sales Order from BM > EK and SO Delivery from BR to ER so like VMI orders they will be considered in SNP key figure TLB-Confirmed Demand. Has anyone implemented something similar or can see issues with this solution?

Thanks in advance for your help.