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Aug 24, 2017 at 06:14 AM

Short Dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X on CO15 after Save.User exit gets hit on Enter and Save.Module PP.


Short Dump occurs on T-Code CO15 after Save.User exit gets hit on Enter and Save.

After Save it triggers " MESSAGE (type X) dump. CO 888. Error reading order header with index."

Steps : 1) Co15-> enter Order Number.

2) User exit processes a standard BAPI BAPI_PRODORD_COSTING on "Enter" and populates data on next screen.

3) Press Save.On Save a short dump gets triggered.


A termination with short dump has therefore been triggered by the key word MESSAGE (type X).

Short text of the error message: Internal: Error reading order header with index.

Long text of the error message:Technical information about the message:

Message class.......CO

Number.............. 888

Variable 1.......... Error reading order header with index.




Information on where terminated The termination occurred in ABAP program "SAPLCOBH", in "CAUFV_UPD". The main program was "SAPLCORU". In the source code, the termination point is in line 37 of (Include) program "LCOBHIC2".

SAP 740 release.

Include LCOBHIC2 Active

Line Number 44 MESSAGE x888 WITH text-kop.

* MILL: flag needed for ATRKZ control
  DATA: lv_head_pos_quan TYPE /sapmp/atrkz_par-head_pos_quan.
  DATA  l_mill_cuobj LIKE caufv-cuobj.                     "1643163

*$*$-End:   LCOBHIC2_02-------------------------------------------------------------------------$*$*
* Nachlesen
  READ TABLE caufv_bt INDEX caufvd_upd-indbt.
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    MESSAGE x888 WITH text-kop.