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Aug 23, 2017 at 11:40 PM

LS4BIP 1.31 variable prompt missing date format hint


We are migrating from LS4HANA 1.28 to LS4BIP 1.31. On LS4HANA the variable prompts for date fields contain a hint for the date format:

On LS4BIP 1.31.7 this date format hint is now missing:

Is there anyway to bring this date format hint back? The object being explored is a HANA calculation view.

Both Lumira desktop version 1.28.2 and 1.31.7 also contain this date format hint. It is only missing from LS4BIP 1.31.7.


datehint128.jpg (17.5 kB)
datehint131.jpg (19.5 kB)