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Sep 03, 2007 at 07:17 AM

BEx Analyzer - Questions on Functionality


Hi All,

Is there any function in BEx that allows data from a single Query, to be display in Multiple Tab Sheets, differentiated by one of its dimensional value? For e.g., my query display total sales by department. 3 lines of data are displayed.

Dpt Sales

A... 100

B... 200

C... 300

Normally these data will be displayed in a single sheet only, but one of my client claims that it is possible to have these 3 lines, seperately displayed in 3 different sheets, in the same Excel workbook - with just a few simple clicks.

Currently the solution i can think of is - create new sheets manually, the newbie way... 😊

Please help - please tell me whether it is really possible / which button i am supposed to click?