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Multiple Inspection Plans for single material

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to define incoming inspection with following scenario.

1. We need dimensional inspection on each goods receipt from the supplier

2. We want to perform additional mechanical test on material from every 3rd goods receipt.

There are two inspection plans already defined (one for dimensional inspection and another for mechanical test).

As per my expectation once the shipment is registered in the system, it shall automatically create an inspection lot and assign these two inspection plans to the lot.

The system is not doing so and prompting to select one inspection plan out of these two.

Is there any way to have two inspection plans asigned to same material?

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  • Are you using inspection points?

  • Why are you using two inspection plans?

    You can put all the characteristics into one inspection plan. Then set the plan up with DMR at the characteristic level, then assign a DMR to the mechanical test that requires it to be performed every 3rd receipt. Otherwise it's a skip characteristic. All very standard functionality.


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2 Answers

  • Oct 14, 2016 at 04:49 PM

    Hi Rajesh,

    You can try two approaches here.

    1. If you assign both the inspection plans to your incoming material, then while the inspection lot is created for the same inspection lot origin, the lot will have initial status CRTD. Reason being, form system prospective both are identical in nature and have same origin linked. So you can manually go to QA02 and pick the right inspection plan and save it. So in this case the assignment of inspection plan logic is "Manual" and you need to track the GR.

    2. Use custom enhancement, which will do this system checking like if this new GR is the 3rd, 6th, 9th...GR for the same PurOrd. If so, then it will select the inspection plan 2nd (with additional operation/test), maintained in a custom table. The utility of using the custom table will be to place the right inspection plan, against the number of GR, and need to hard code inside the enhancement. Please note that you can create the custom table like below -

    For example, you can write some logic like for every 3rd GR form 1st GR receipt, the system should assign inspection plan XYZ/01 to the inspection lot, for the same PurOrd. For 1st or 2nd or repeat cases like 4th or 5th, etc, it should pick the plan AAA/01. Then again repeat this sequence, till the same PurOrd is used for GR. Going ahead if you wish to add a new inspection plan for 4th position, then you can add it and append this custom table with appropriate details like below -

    Next time, the inspection plan selection logic should repeat again form 1st.

    You can try the below enhancements and check if these two helps you -

    QPAP0001 Enhancement – plan reading

    QPAP0002 Enhancement for material/plan assignment, plan selection



    capture.jpg (15.8 kB)
    capture.jpg (11.5 kB)
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    • I would recommend against this approach. The coding necessary could be extensive, especially to deal with say failures of the mechanical test. Then what?

      You'd also probably need another table to track the number of GR that have been done, or count them or something.

      And you have to look at the last GR and determine what happenned on the last GR, was the mechanical test done or not?

      I think DMR at the characteristic level with one plan can handle this with no development.

  • Oct 17, 2016 at 03:43 AM

    Hi Craig,

    Points taken. But while I was answering, below are the thoughts going through my mind -

    a) As all the GR's are related to same PurOrd, it could be easily tracked by programmatically checking if the present GR is the 1st one, or 2nd one,...5th One, and so on. This is to my understanding not very complicated check (but surely not amongst the simplest ones either!!). And every time this dynamic calculation needs to be performed, which is a repeat work. Once done, should work as expected.

    b) The requirement was to make the inspection plan assignment as requested, so not much bothered as the test is performed or not for the previous case. That's a business decision how they manage it and this is same for all conditions on whatever the approach we go on.

    But DMR - Yes, I think this could be a good approach!! (Thanks indeed!)

    As of now, Mechanical Test MIC is not available in the basic plan as this is the ad hoc process for testing every 3rd case. May be user can add this MEC_MIC in the plan itself and add DMR against it to read every 3rd GR and make MIC system status "1" [Required] and for all other cases make MIC system status as "4" [Skip]. Only thing is to maintain the quality level in QDL1 and correctly maintain DMR rule in QDR1...You already explained this in your previous answer I checked it now.



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