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Aug 23, 2017 at 01:06 PM

Idea Place becomes Customer Influence Site


Are there any blogs about this migration? All I could find was a pdf document about how to use the new site.

  • Why migrate? idea Place was one of the few SAP sites that actually worked well. Once again, there is only a small announcement, with little or no information. Sounds like yet another well prepared migration a la SAP, from a well known well working site to an unknown poorly working site, all in the name of the holy 1dx, and whoever is pushing that agenda. This would have been a lot easier to accomplish with a new css style sheet if you ask me.
  • How do we get there? The landing page to which the link in the announcement refers is hopelessly convoluted.
  • "And so that you don’t get lost, any bookmarks from SAP Idea Place will be automatically redirected.". What? There is no bookmark functionality in either Idea Place or, so what does this mean? Or is it supposed to say "to Idea Place"?
  • "...coupled with some new exciting functionalities to make your life easier and provide you with even more visibility and transparency!" I am having deja vu. What functionality from Idea Place will be missing in the new site?