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Sep 03, 2007 at 03:54 AM

Multiple DataSource Assignment to One InfoSource(Urgent)


Hi Experts,

I have a doubt regarding multiple datasource assignment to one infosource, plz can anyone help me in this regard. The problem is described below..................

I know that it is possible to assign more than one datasources to one infosource, but i am confusing at scenarios we will go for that. I am trying to assign in this way:

1. Created one infosource.

2. Assigned datasource to infosource using one PC Source System and maintained two fields in the transfer structure(Customer, Material) and activated.

3. For the same infosource i again assigned one more datasource with another PC Source System and maintained two more fields in the transfer structure(sales and quantity).

4.Then i scheduled the infopackges under each source system.

Flat File for first Source System:

Customer Material

C1 M1

C2 M2

Flat File for second Source System:

Quantity Sales

100 1000

200 2000

Data was loaded Successfully.(Status Message).

5. In Monitoring, in PSA it is showing the respective data in respective PSAs

But in infocube it is showing like

Customer Material Quantity Sales

C1 M1 000 000

C2 M2 000 000


300 3000

So, i need information is it right scenario for assigning the multiple DSs to one IS. If it is wrong then at what scenarios we will go for this assignment.

Thank in Advance...........


Ramakrishna Kamurthy