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RDS for IdM 7.2 (HANA stuff)

Aug 23, 2017 at 11:52 AM


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Hey everybody,

we are running at the moment a IdM on Version 7.2 SP9. Next year we plan to upgrade it to 8.0. But now to my issue which results of a customer requirement to connect a SAP HANA system to our IdM.

In our IdM 7.2 there are all provisioning tasks for HANA available... also the initial job "SAP HANA - Initial Load" can be imported through the Job wizard - Folder: "...\usr\sap\IdM\Identity Center\Templates\Jobs\SAP NetWeaver\".

Provisioning tasks and running the Initial Load works fine and correctly. Our problem is, that there is no "HANA - Update Job" for continous synchronize. I wanted to start customizing the actual "SAP HANA - Initial Load" to an "Update Job" but relative early I saw there are missing many things like the connection check, system specific attribute (SAPC)... So I downloaded the newest version of RDS for 7.2 & 8.0.

After analyzing the whole RDS 7.2 package, I could only find ABAB stuff - nothing about HANA. Then I took a deeper look into the RDS package for IdM 8.0.

Location (opened with notepad):

"..IDMCONTENT01_0-20009661\RDS_START_NW_CONTENT\RDS Configuration Packages\"

And there is everything in it I could need now like the connection check, update & initial job with system specific attributes and many more.

Now to my questions:

1.) Is there a RDS package available with HANA stuff for IdM 7.2?

2.) Could I extract the needed things out of the IdM 8.0 RDS package and import it later into our system? -> sounds not well in my ears.

3.) Did anyone implemented a fully working SAP IdM 7.2 <-> HANA connection with system specific attributes?

4.) Should we rather wait till we upgraded to SAP IdM 8.0 before we connect HANA systems?

Thank you in advance for any help or information!

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2 Answers

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Matt Pollicove
Aug 23, 2017 at 01:42 PM

Hi Thomas,

I'm 99% sure that you should be waiting until your upgrade for full connectivity. As a workaround, is there a way you can do this through temp table(s) that IDM and some HANA process can both access / update. Sorry, not really all that much up on HANA so I can't give you any better architectural details, but I have done this with other applications that can't or won't integrate with IDM directly.


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Hey Matt,

so we will rather wait till we upgraded to IdM 8.0 as putting develope-time into something which is next year completely untenable.

Thank you very much & best regards,


Benoit Cappez Aug 23, 2017 at 01:52 PM

Hello Thomas,

1) I don't think so, but Matt gives you an hint with temp tables.

2) No because idmpck are done for import on Eclipse, not on MMC

3) Not that I know of

4) As Matt stated, yes, if your upgrade is soon enough, wait until it's done with the standard HANA package made available on Eclipse

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Hey Benoit,

thank you for your answer!

About 2.) I thought more about extracting the needed jobs (code lines out of the .idmpck) and convert it to IdM 7.2 compatible format like .dst / .mcc.

But after Matts statement, I don't think all the work which is:

a.) not really clean and

b.) out of the standard

worth to put much time in it.. since we gonna upgrade next year to IdM 8.0.