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Sep 02, 2007 at 07:16 PM

Handling Unit Managment Process flow


Hi all,

I am implementing Handling Unit Management currently. I am looking for; how does the business process flow change once HUM is activated.

So far, I got an idea:

GR process:

Purchase Order -> Goods Receipt (MIGO) -> ASN(Inbound Delivery) -> Pack & Create Handling Unit -> Post Goods Receipt(via the Inbound Delivery)

GI process:

Sales Order -> Outbound Delivery ->Pick & Pack(Handling Unit) -> Goods Issue

Please let me know if i am correct in my assumption.

Also, I would like to know how the stock is transferred from the stock stored in HU's in the warehouse to the stock which is to be delivered.

For example :

I store a material X in HU's in multiples of 500. I have to deliver to a customer around 100 pieces of X.

How do I go about unpacking the HU of 500, then creating 2 HU's (one with 400 pieces to be stored back in the warehouse, and the other HU of 100 pieces for the customer.)

Is it possible to do so ?

Or I need to create a separate storage location where I have to keep the partial unpacked 400 pieces ?

Anyone's help will be appreciated in this matter.