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Sep 02, 2007 at 04:54 PM

Cannot delete request from ODS


Hi SAP Gurus,

I'm having the following problem:

I did a full update repair for some data that we needed to fixed, but it failed since the RFC connection was no correct for the source system.

Now all my request in the ODS are green and activated, but this last one that failed continues to be in yellow. I enter to the monitor and is red inside. I have tried to change the request status from this request in the manage view of the ODS and I get the following error: " The request is already aggregated/rolled up. No QM action possible." so I'm no able to change it.

I tried inactivating the aggregates on the cube that is connected to this ods in the data flow and then tried to delete the request with no aggregates available and the error continues.

Could any help me?? Thank in advance!!