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Sep 02, 2007 at 01:33 PM

Why Query is tightly coupled to infoprovider ?



We have "Structures" in reporting. Why are structures tightly coupled on an Infoprovider?

This question rose when I faced a situation as follows :

We have a multiprovider say MP1. We also have one more Muiltiprovider say MP2 with 60% common InfoObjects as

in MP1. I developed a query over MP1, creating structures. Almost at the end of the development,

I realized there are couple of characteristics and keyfigures missing in MP1. Ideally I should have created this

query over MP2 which contains the necessary InfoObjects.

I also realised that I cannot re-use this structure that I created, also I cant make this query point to a

different Infoprovider(MP2, in my case). Only way I had was to recreate the whole query and the structures on top

of MP2.

Why SAP has been tightly coupled with the Infoprovider ? Any reasons, that can make my understanding better ?