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Former Member
Sep 02, 2007 at 08:57 AM

Capital Investment order settlement


There are some AUCs created via capital investment orders. But the problem is These AUCs were creted during the time when the Depreciation area is de-activated for the particular class. After that there s GR, IR & Payment all with reference to PO.

One point tp note, as the AUCs were created when the dep area is in-active, the depreciation tab is in active in the AUC master record. When you are running theorder settlement (KO88), there is an error message saying "NO DEPRECIATION AREA DEFINED FOR THE AUC NO:12345".

The solution I am able to see as of now is:

1. Create a new investment order so the new AUC

2.Reset the clearing (Payment document)

3. Reverse the IR

4. Reverse the GR

5 Change the order reference in account assignment tab in PO

6. Do the GR

7. DO the IR

8. Clear the Vendor Account

9. Settle the new order

But not sure how to delete the old AUC, I am able to close the old order in this fashion. But not in a position to delete the AUC. Any idea?

Also please suggest me if there is any other easier way, because this will take a hell out of time.