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Aug 23, 2017 at 09:17 AM

SAP TM - Sales Order Scheduling logic?


Hi evveryone,

We have activated the Sales Order Scheduling functionality in our ERP (EhP 8) in conjunction with SAP TM (9.3 SP 5). We have enabled the messages and we can see that is running in the RCCF_LOG.

-> so far so good.

But now to our question: When we enter a date where we know that it is not be possible to be delivered we thought that the Sales Order Scheduling would propose the earliest possible date. Let's assume the date of today.

Usually the people in the sales order entry departement enter all the sales order of a date of today and then our wish is that SAP TM / Sales Order Scheduling will take place and determines the earliest possible delivery date. Can it be configured like that?

Best regards and thank you,

Prismat TM Team


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