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Sep 01, 2007 at 10:05 AM

How to change the masthead logo image




I’m trying to change the masthead logo image.

I downloaded the and opened it on IDE.

I understood that I need to update the HeaderiView.jsp on this location: <br><br>

<TD class="prtlHeaderNotch" id="header_notch" nowrap><img src="<%=themeRootURLPath%>/../common/1x1.gif"


<TD nowrap ti="0" tabIndex="0" class="prtlHdrWelcome"

id="welcome_message"><%=StringUtils.escapeToHTML(GetWelcomeMsg(componentRequest, welcomeClauseStr))%></TD>

<TD class="prtlHdrBrandImgContainer" ti="-1">



1. What should I need to do in order to change the logo?

I was looking for < img src tad but didn’t find and I understood that the original logo is

retrieved by prtlHdrBrandImgContainer. In this case, should

I remove this line? What should I add instead?


2. Where I need to locate the new image I want to use?


Thanks in advance