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Aug 31, 2007 at 09:37 PM

Configuration Wizard? Where's the SLD templates?



I've just installed NW2004s SR1 (AS Java, BI, EP) and patched it up to SPS12.

I'm basically on the last steps of getting the installation configured. I've done the same install a while back, when SPS10 was king, and had no problems with the, then called, Template Installer. Now however following the Install Guide, which is still dated June 2006, and my notes, are NOT helping me at all to get through this phase.

The install guide, help files etc, are saying to execute the follwoing for Usage Type AS-Java:

1. SLD system: Configure and Activate SLD

2. SLD system: Connect SLD to CEN (if CEN present)

3. NWA system: Basic Configuration

4. NWA system: Connect NWA to CEN (if CEN present)

5. NWA system: Store access data per each managed Java system.

6. NWA system: Register each managed ABAP system to SLD

7. Managed Java system: Register system to SLD

However in the Configuration Wizard when I go to Deploy and Change, I'm not seeing the same things as I used to when it was the "Template Installer." There's no drop down box for scenario, and more importantly, I don't see the first two templates I'm supposed to execute on the list for AS-Java. According to note 923359 as of SPS12 all configuration tasks are listed regardless of usage type - still they aren't there. I'm seeing some "tasks" associated with NWA steps, but at the same time, they are named a little differently and I couldn't say definitively that what I'm about to execute corresponds to what help and the install guide are telling me to execute.

On top of this I need to execute the tasks for BI as well, but I think I see those.

Can anyone tell me what I'm supposed to execute or maybe where the documentation is for these new changes?

I'll award points for any help you can give.