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Aug 31, 2007 at 07:26 PM

CRM Sales Document EEWB


Hi All,

It another EEWB on my side. I added a custom field in HEADER of the sales transaction. I want to map this custom field with another custom field from ECC header. This is what i did:

1. I added a custom field in CRM using EEWB and checke the R/3 SCE check box. I

generated the extension successfully.

2. Also i appended the ECC structures BAPE_VBAK,BAPE_VBAKX,VBAKKOM and

VBAKKOMX with the custom field from ECC side.

Am i still missing any link there. Because the values are not replicating yet. Could any one please let me know if i am missing any BADI implementation or.....?

Thanks in advance,