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Reg: PR to PO conversion

Aug 22, 2017 at 01:57 PM


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Currently once PR is created after approval, system automatically creates PO through BAPI. Sometimes user want to increase the PR price for their Business requirement, so after creation of PO, they are deleting the PO line item. And they are deleting the existing line item and adding new line item with new price in the requisition, system is creating new purchase order through BAPI.

Currently user requirement is they want existing PO to be updated with the new price, instead of creation of New PO.

Currently PR is created with 100, after PR release PO converted automatically through BAPI with 100. Now user wants to change PR price, so they are deleting PO line item. And in ME52N they are deleting existing line item (because price cant be changed). And adding new line item with new price 200.

Now instead of updating the price in existing PO, system is automatically creating new PO through BAPI. Currently validation is set in PO, not to add or change any line items.

Is there any way to achieve this functionality, we need existing PO to get updated with new price through BAPI instead of creation on new PO.



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Jürgen L
Aug 22, 2017 at 03:28 PM

You restricted yourself on all ends. If you have made a validation that restricts chaning a PO item then I wonder how you can expect to update the PO nevertheless.

And for changeability in ME52N exists a whole series of KBAs , start from this one 1910199 - ME52N : Field is not editable

and read as well through all the others that are referenced in that. But most probably the restriction to change is just because of the release strategy setup.

Why does the user delete the PO and then create a PR with a new price instead of directly changing the price in PO?

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Former Member Aug 23, 2017 at 10:37 AM

Hi Jurgen,

Thanks for the reply!

User dont have authorization to change in the PO, they got only access to delete the Line item.

In release strategy we got 4 Changeable, new release in case of new strat. or val. change.

Still we cant able to edit the PR line item value.

Could you please suggest Is there any way to edit the PR value, after PR release strategy is done?

We couldnt able to change the PR value after release strategy is triggered, is it SAP standard behaviour.

If its editing means, we can try if same PO is getting updated with new value through BAPI.

Please suggest.



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