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Aug 22, 2017 at 12:11 PM

Why Can't we use DDIC user in GTS plug in Installation?


Reference note :1492739 - Installation or delta upgrade of SLL_PI 900:

This is regarding installation of GTS plug-in in connected ECC system. While installing the plug in Basis consultant is asked to use own user ID with SAP_ALL and it's also recommended not use SAP* or DDIC. as per note: '' Log on as the correct user: Log on to your SAP system in client 000 as a user with SAP_ALL authorization. Do NOT use the SAP* or DDIC users....'' As per customer security policy , we can not add SAP_ALL to individual user in production system but we have operational procedure for use of DDIC user.


1) Why does SAP recommend to use individual user with SAP_ALL and not to use DDIC? We want to know the exact reason of this if any.

2) Will there be any issue if we ask Basis to use DDIC user for plug in Installation?

Thanks for answering.