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Aug 31, 2007 at 11:41 AM



i have problems with transaction MASS_MARC. after executing and saving mass change on materials everything seems fine, there is no error message. but when i go to check data, i found it is not changed. When i repeat process in MASS_MARC it changes values on some materials, and on some still not. I have to repeat mass maintenance in MASS_MARC approx. 4-5 times till i get all changes updated. there is no error on those material, cause maintenance through MM02 works fine. also maintenance through MASS_MARC for one material works fine. but when i select for example 100 materials to change, i doesnt work properly.

does anyone had such a problem? what could be the reason? can someone offer me some solution?

i'll appreciate any help and reward it with points, of course 😊