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Aug 31, 2007 at 07:19 AM

All entries in - II


I have two tables APFO-Production Data & COEP - Costing Data. Both table have no common data to match.

1) First I replace OBJNP field which is blank replace data with 'OR'+AUFNR using concatenate in internal table.

2) Now AFPO-OBJNP & COEP-OBJNR can make link.

3) I use for all entries in to get data from COEP where OBJnr = AFPO-OBJNP.

When I run this on Development server it working & takes data for month in less than 3 minutes.

When I run same report on Production Server, It shows error Excceds Time Limit.

That I donnot now. There r 4 Lakhs records in COEP table.

My aim is to run report fast. Pl. help.