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Former Member
Aug 31, 2007 at 05:50 AM

Inconsistency with maintenance cycle and task list phases in ChaRM


Hi Experts,

I'm deploying ChaRM with SolMan 4.0 SP09.

I was testing a scenario where there are more than one maintenance project open for same landscape (different logical components but values are the same). I have been using maintenance cycle document (in crmd_order) to control phase changes both in task list and in maintenance cycle.

I received an error message stating that the system has reset the status of the maintenance cycle and the end result was that task list phase is one step ahead of the maintenance cycle. This of course causes the situation where certain actions are no longer possible (maintenance cycle in Dev with release but task list already in test => release and import are not possible and reseting phase with task list is prevented by ChaRM).

My question is how do I restore the inconsistency. I have looked for notes (but of course this is not a notes issue) and the internet for solution.

I am very greatful for any hints you may give me!

Kind regards,