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Aug 31, 2007 at 05:17 AM

Vendor discount


My Scenario is as follows

Vendor is always giving discount sa 5% same to be posted in a sepaarte GL account and to be reconciled monthly basis

i created a ven dis 5% in MEK1 thro RL01 Ctype for that vendor

Then i created accounting key, accural key and same is attached to RL01 ctype inpricing procedure

inOBYC i assigned a GL Account to that accounting key and accural keys

40 is debit and 50 is credit posting keys

i created a po for 10 $, it is taking ven dis and 9.5 S net price

in MIGO inventory is 9.5$,0.5 S going to that GL accxxx, grir acis 10 $

Is this correct?

In miro accounting are as follows

GRIR10$, Vendor 10$

that is vendor will be given full payment without discount

where is the error

pl suggets

matter is top most priority

if any other solutionare most welcome

pl revrt

i am watching this forum continuosly