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Aug 30, 2007 at 10:05 PM



Hi experts

I really need your help in something related to the smartforms.

I created a smartforms because i needed to send automatic e-mails to clients in order to inform the status of an order. Everything is working perfect, but the problem is that when it sends the e-mail, it takes as a name of the file the name of the Form and no the Description.

For example:

In the Form name i put : ZREGISTER_CASE

In the Description i put: Order Status

When i send the e-mail, i was hoping that the file name should be Order Status instead of ZREGISTER_CASE.

I don't know if is the action that sends the form the one that is causing the problem or the smartform itself.

In the action i am using:

Permitted Processing Types of Action:

External Communication

Smart Forms Mail

In the Set Processing i am using:

For External Communication, the Format is CRM_ACTIVITY_EXEC_SF

For Smart Forms Mail, the Processing Method is CRM_ORDER_EXEC_SMART_FORM

I hope you can help me on this