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Aug 30, 2007 at 08:43 PM

TLB with 2 products on the same Lane having different UOM for Wt and Vol??


We have 2 products with different UOM for Volume and Weight. First product is in CCM and KG. The second is in FT3 and LB. Both are on the same Lane with one Means of Tranport. The TLB profile is defined in FT3 and LB. In the TLB View, the following 3 issues occur:

1. First product is displayed in CCM and KG without conversion to FT3 and LB.

2. The values of the 1st product are added as is to the values of the 2nd product without conversion to FT3 and LB to get the Total.

3. The max limits defined in the TLB profile are not honored.

The question is:

Can we not combine products with different Weight and Volume UOM's?? What is the solution?