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Aug 21, 2017 at 09:26 AM

Work Manager 6.1: Transmit steps were not called during the transmit


Hi Experts,

We have an issue with the transmit action did not run during the transmit if there was a agentry code change earlier:

Steps to reproduce:

- Add a transmit step to the transmit action which includes some fetches such as Fetch WOs, Fetch Notifications, Fetch MainMenu. The transmit action was triggered by transmit button click.

-Uncheck MainFetch checkbox on the fetches, for example. The purpose of this was we wanted to make sure that the fetch in transmit step would be called rather than the main fetch.

-Publish all changes to server then clicked transmit to load the change.


The change was loaded to device but the transmit action (included the fetches) was not called so there was no Work orders and notifications were loaded. Just only the mainfetch ran. However, if we clicked the transmit button again, the transmit action was triggered and all work orders and notifications were loaded as normal.

Any recommendation is highly appreciated. Thank you so much.


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2.png (22.5 kB)