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Aug 30, 2007 at 03:39 PM

WM - Storage Type


Hi All

We are using fixed bins for our warehouse. There are several different storage areas, which we are planning to define as different storage type within the same warehouse number. Now the issue with having fixed bins is that ...there are few materials which will be existing in different locations (or storage types) at the same time, but we can only assing a one bin to the material. now when we are doing a GR , a TO will be created for that particular fixed bin which is maintained on the material master. how about if we want to place that in a different location other than the fixed bin maintained in the material master?

One way to do that is to recive at the fixed bin and do a bin-to-bin transfer. Can someone suggest something different.

One other question I have is .. will there be a problem in defining the storage type using Alphabets (ex. ABC) rather than numbers (ex. 005)

Any thoughts on this is highly appreciated