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Aug 20, 2017 at 12:23 PM


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While running PT60, subject ABAP dump prompts.

The program is debugged and it was found that for very few employees whose quota is not available in PA2006, PT60 generates quotas with QUONR as 0.

The program later reads PTQUODED without PERNR. So, its adding all Quotas for which QUONR is 0. Later resulting in subject dump. I'm not sure why it is not reading with PERNR condition as follows

MOVE-CORRESPONDING iktansp_wa TO cu_val_wa
READ TABLE cu?_values WITH KEY type  = cu_val_wa-type
                               quoun = cu_val_wa-quoun.

I guess, its either program error for which I didn't find any SAP Note, or do I need to manually remove records from PA2006 where QUONR is 0.

Any advise is highly appreciated.


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1 Answer

Brendan Gibbons Aug 21, 2017 at 10:29 AM


Difficult to tell from information provided but I would proceed as follows.

Firstly I would consider the probability of an error in time program RPTIME00 to be very very low so searching OSS would be a last resort!

It is most likely that that there is a flaw in the logic of a custom PCR and this would be where I would first look for the issue.

When you get the CX_SY_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW error (you can look it up after the event in ST22) it should give you a steer as to the ABAB command that has caused the issue. The likely culprit is the CUMBT function where variables, time types etc. are getting cumulated to the various cumutation tables.

If you establish it is definitely Quota related then I would review the Quota type generation rules as something is not as it should be.

best of luck


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Thanks for the response Brendan. I checked the dump where it says as follows

resulting values are too large however and therefore do not fit in the designated type P field. The name of the field in question is "REST"

In function, the error is when assigning to cu?_values as follows

>>>>>   COLLECT cu_val_wa INTO cu?m_values.
284 CHECK NOT iktansp_wa-autom IS INITIAL.
285 automatic = iktansp_wa-autom.


PT60 program starts reading from hire_date or first action date. But upon debug, it is found that it is reading B1 Cluster values which are marked as deleted. The hire date is assigned for all calculations. I guess, the only solution is to remove the specific value from Cluster so standard program doesn't read. Upon deleting, the program ran successfully. Not sure if its the right way of doing but its a relief.