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Aug 30, 2007 at 01:49 PM

Multiple projects on a single BI environment



We are using for our project a BI environment that is already used by 2 projects.

For sure, I need now a datasource (re vendor survey flow) that is already in use by another project (I want to use the BC flow already used 'as is' by the project).

I replicated the DS from my source system to BI. Now, in BI, I can see the same flow (from DS to cube) for my source system and their source system.

1 - if I load master data and transactional data from my system using this flow; what would be the impacts on <u>their</u> flow? They should be impacted and values overwritten. Correct?

2 - what are the options of sharing the same DS (same object names) with different projects?

3 - Do we have any solutions of "mass renaming" during object copy??

Thanks for your insights.