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SAP production order printing for routing components

Aug 19, 2017 at 03:36 PM


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Hello All,

User want only prints of

Production Order (Routing/Component List) • Quality Notifications •Confirmation Slip

The printer is linked as shown in the screenshot attached

01 Output device from user master

What is this setting in OPK8

So when I try to print out from the CO03 it is giving an

Output device for order type ZSTD, plant 1059, MRP H04 not correctly maintained

Message No. CO672

I want only specific pages kindly let know how I can do this?


capture.png (1.5 kB)
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Hello Gurus,

Anyone have any idea how I should configure the same in SAP.

Please help



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1 Answer

DOC11 Aug 24, 2017 at 03:12 PM

It looks to me like you don't have a printer defined in the Define Print Control Config The attached example is from our system which uses process orders so the config is done via CB85, but the same principle should apply to production orders. We use LOCL which directs the printer to the users Windows default printer. You can also define a specific printer.

Hope this helps.

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The printer is linked correctly and the customer is printing correctly but they want to reduce the no. of pages to be printed.

We are able to print however what we want is to change the page that it prints. It currently prints the following pages for molding job: •Production Order (Routing/Component List) •Quality Notifications •Confirmation Slip •Production Order (Component List) •Production Order (Routing/Operations List) We only need the following pages: (Three pages) •Production Order (Routing/Component List) •Quality Notifications •Confirmation Slip

How do we change SAP to only print the three pages listed above for the molding jobs?




Each of those outputs is a different form. Take a look at the spool parameters per user details (see attachment). My guess is that you have all of those turned on. Turn off the print indicator for the forms you do not want to print. spool-parameters-per-user.png