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Aug 30, 2007 at 01:16 PM

Actual and Plan Data in Different Cubes scenario - BI Integarted Planning


Dear all,

I am still on the Integrated Planning basics and I have some questions:

1) Scenario: Currently I have a basic cube with Actual and Plan Data (plan data is loaded from flat file). If I go for BI Integrated planning and want to keep the Actual data in the same basic Infocube, I will need to create a real time infocube for Plan Data. On the Top of this I need to create a Multicube to report Actual/Plan Data. I assume therefore that will require huge work to copy the existing queries to be based on the Multicube and therefore huge rework of the current Workbooks & Web reports.

Additionally, do I need to copy Actual data into the new Plan data real time infocube as per descibed on the below link (Actual and Plan Data in Different InfoCubes scenario):

2). Can I use Retractors with BI Integrated Planning? I read that yes but with limitations. Can I use Cost Centre Accounting Retractores with BI Integrated Planning? My question regards the following comment:


In BI Integrated Planning, no new retractors are shipped.

In BI Integrated Planning, you can only use some of the retractors that are used in BW-BPS: you can use any retractors that work according to the pull principle (COPA and Public Sector) without changing them. Other retractors cannot be used directly in BI Integrated Planning; retraction is only possible using BW-BPS."

3) What's the relation, if there is any between BI Integrated Planning and ERP Express Planning?

Thanks in advance